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Journey through pregnancy loss to holistic healing

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Two Roads Diverged…

This post is written by my friend, Ellery. My previous post provides some context to her guest post today. On December 28th, a package arrived at my front door with an envelope on it that said “Do not open until our Zoom gathering tonight!” I knew it was from Rach because she said she wasContinue reading “Two Roads Diverged…”

Journeying with a Friend on a Painfully Different Path

My dear friend, Ellery, walked through the season of grief alongside me. Her texts, emails, cards, and in-person chats were comforting and supporting. Ellery’s words were always empathetic, substantive, and spiritually-infused. Her ability to see and understand a situation with wisdom and emotional acuity continues to be such a gift. Ellery found out she wasContinue reading “Journeying with a Friend on a Painfully Different Path”

Settling in to Liminal Space

I’ve been learning about the concept of liminal space in the last few months, primarily through the writing of Richard Rohr. I find myself in a personal season of waiting, having come through the darkest part of grief, hoping to look to the future, but not knowing what it might hold. Richard Rohr illuminates theContinue reading “Settling in to Liminal Space”

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